APL Accountants we cannot thank you enough! The decision to utilise your services was by far the best one we have made in 11 years. Your attention to detail, industry experience and benchmarking reports have allowed us to turn our business around and plan for a profitable future. Your personal approach and practical tools have been invaluable for the growth of our practices.Nicole & Andrew Clarke Cooranbong & Bonnells Bay Animal Hospitals  Read more +
Initially I was hesitant to switch accountants - firstly it just seemed like a too hard basket thing, and secondly I just thought accountancy was purely about numbers so it shouldn't matter who does it. I was skeptical of these guys labeling themselves specialist vet accountants. But after enduring a frustrating accountant for too long, I am now very glad I made the switch 2 years ago now, and I would thoroughly recommend any vet to use the services of APL. Glen Kolenc BVSc (Hons) N6352  Read more +
- the transition to new accountants was easy and seamless. I don't think I did much (if anything). Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +
APL picked some big omissions from previous tax returns that would have lost me thousands of dollars if never detected.Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +
APL's customer service is awesome. You can easily access both Anne and Paolo. They are prompt to reply to emails and messages. They are both friendly, down to earth people who explain things in a language that is understandable.Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +
it turns out accounting isn't just accounting. Aside from the accounting, your financials are benchmarked against all other vet practices that APL service. This in itself allows for instant adjustment to your fees and/or fee structure and therefore instant profitability.Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +
the financials tell the story of your business and each year with the tax returns and financials, an individual customized report is given to you. This aim of this report is to identify several things that can instantly and easily increase profits.Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +
APL have even suggested a means of easily monitoring my vet staff to see their level of performing at "best practice" standards, through analyzing the figures.Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +
I cannot recommend the accounting services of Anne & Paolo at APL highly enough. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with and their services have far exceeded my expectations. I wish I had started using their services 6 months earlier than I did, but I procrastinated. But I can now see its a no brainer.Glen Kolenc BVSc  Read more +

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